Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Still pinching myself

While watching the celebration in Grant Park last evening, I was reminded of something Michelle Obama said recently:

“If you want to understand Barack, you have to know Hawai'i.”

I get what she means. It’s that shaka-loose feel, with a deep sense of family, community and connection. As I absorb that, it makes sense why he has been so effective erasing the race issue – he’s operating on mythic levels.

A few random observations on the acceptance & concession speeches:

* Obama's oratory skills
continue to bring the WOW. The days of cringing through SOTU messages is over. I particularly enjoyed how he tied past, to present, to the future, via the example of the history witnessed by that 106 year old voter. Elegant and succinct.

* He sold me, yet again, on his abilities to reunite this country across (most of) the liberal/independent/conservative spectrum. Pulling that off will be absolutely key. The new congressional democratic majorities will be either a blessing or a curse. However as Obama unites ALL the people behind the Change program, even the congress will work.

* I love the body language of this First Family! They also meld and co-mingle so naturally with the Bidens. What an excellent harbinger of a positive and effective working relationship. Contrast this to the surreal awkwardness we witnessed earlier at the Phoenix Biltmore. Yes sir, we dodged a real bullet – no one in the McPalin troupe gets along with anyone else! Some great pictures here.

Update: The Top 5 election day body-language moments, with good pics too.

the significant news for us Dog Lovers 4 Obama: Malia and Sasha are getting a new puppy!


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