Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Experience has left the building. Mitch Mitchell was the last to go.

This last election cycle has as much to do with generational - as political policy - change. For many of us on the high side of 50, moving on is surely welcome, but in it there's also a twinge of the bittersweet. Nothing lasts forever, but as things pass, the memories of our formative days take on deeper sepia tones. Not necessarily nostalgia, but beautiful.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience! I was 13 in 1967. And now, they are all gone. Sing on brother(s), play on drummer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago ('05 or '06...) I decided to skip Thanksgiving and go to the "National Day of Mourning", a Native American protest rally down at Plymouth Rock, mostly run by Wampanoags I think.

Who should I meet there, but a (much younger) cousin of Jimi's. He had some warm though admittedly fuzzy memories (and photos) of being with him as a tot when Jimi was making it big. He talked a little about the unfortunate family estate dispute too, though he wasn't at all involved.

Really nice guy, looked a lot like Jimi, and even his speaking voice was uncannily similar. Pretty sure he was the real deal, though you never know. Either way, it was a nice meeting him and talking about his cuz.

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