Monday, July 21, 2008

"Oh, my God, there are the Beatles on that stage, and here am I."

Back on Aug 15, 1965, Shea Stadium became the venue where our stateside version of Beatlemania was truly validated. The Ed Sullivan appearances were mere teaser showcases for the band. The Shea shows solidified, validated, the bond between fans and Fabs.

The Mets never got the dump back.

So now, 40+ years on, they're pulling Shea down. But I think it's great the powers that be acknowledged the musical side of Shea's history, by putting on one final rilly big shew. And although I wasn't there (in '65, '66, nor '08...don't cry for me Arg an' Tina), I totally relate to the one fan, Diane Gentile, quoted in this article.

I know there are lots of Billy Joel haters, but whatever. I look forward to the DVD of this final extravaganza.

One final note: Don McLean was way too premature in sounding the death knell of rock n roll. But not so now - Shea comes down at about the right time, I think. I'll let the young'uns decide if Nas is hip hops' McLean. Innagadda, ya'll.


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