Friday, November 16, 2007

Now that's some good Green, and stuff like dat

At the LA Auto Show, they just pronounced Chevy's Tahoe Hybrid SUV the 2008 Green Car of the Year. The Arnold was there and he said:

"They've proven that they can make beautiful cars, strong cars, keep the size, keep the safety, and all those kinds of things, and at the same time be more fuel efficient."

You're killing me, Guv. Can't you put together one, just one, sentence without saying stuff like dat?

And what about this '08 Green CotY?

It gets 21 MPG.

Yes, you read that right: twenty-one miles per gallon. Feeling blown away, ain't cha?

Maybe it's not surprising for Shwartz'r, the original Hummer-huffer, to consider 21MPG real progress. But Carl Pope, the current executive director of the Sierra Club? Hello?
Carl likes too:

"GM promised they would use hybrid technology, and use it where it would make the most difference -- on their biggest vehicles. They have delivered with the Chevy Tahoe," says Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club.

I know, it will be a cleaner 21 mpg. Respect. But my Prius gets 51mpg.

I understand the allure of the SUV. I still have an old '93 Ford Exploder, that I take out when I have to haul some huge pile of crap somewhere. It's handy for that. But I don't haul a huge pile of crap everyday. BTW, my Exploder was getting about 20MPG, but it's a 6 cylinder. The Tahoe is a V-8. Still, is this progress?

The Prius has plenty of room for groceries and for a couple of kids - soccer moms, you're covered. Really.

Ah yes, but they also say SUVs are safer. But they're safer only because on a highway full of big cars, a smaller car is at a disadvantage. In fact, the honest way to say it is the SUV is more dangerous than a small car for the occupants in the small car. If the road was bumper to bumper with small cars, everyone would be equally safe.

If two SUV owners, neighbors, agree that the one with the older model SUV trades it in and gets a Prius, they'd both get to use an SUV, but only when they need it. That reduces the number of SUVs on the road on any given day by 50%. If the neighbors got really wild, and carpooled every now and then in the Prius, the percentage would drop precipitously.

I want to pump yooo up, not your gas tank.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weak. That's like whatever "ambitious" new bill they're trying to pass (have passed?) in congress, committing to raising average fuel efficiency standards to 33mpg by 2020. Ooh, ahh. Balderdash.

Why can't we all be more like Ed Begley Jr in that episode of the Simpsons:"I prefer a vehicle that doesn't hurt Mother Earth. It's a go cart, powered by my own sense of self-satisfaction." And off he goes.

6:59 AM  
Blogger deano said...

Have you watched 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' It'll make you wanna holla, throw up both your hands.

Also the '08 EPA mileage figures are being reset downward for the hybrids already out there. The EPA claims their new testing methodologies now more accurately reflect real world driving conditions.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this is being done to make US hybrid mileage figures look more competitive with 'real' hybrids. But our Prius still gets 51mpg. If not a conspiracy, I must not exist (drive) in the real world.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie but I've heard about it from several people. I'm sure I'd be shaking my head all the way through.

Nothing like lowering the bar, kinda like what the USDA has done with the criteria for "organic" certification.

8:55 AM  

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