Friday, November 02, 2007

Here's an interesting online tool to match your opinions on the issues with the '08 Presidential Candidates. It's called

It starts by having you add (or subtract) 20 points to 14 key issues, in an effort to add some weighting factor to the issues most important to you. Depending on how you divvy up the points, you will then be given a set of issue based statements, where you select on a sliding scale how much you oppose or support the statement.

My results were interesting. I played around with different rankings on the key issues. It seems the methodology favors the candidates who have taken a very strong and clear stance on the issue(s) of most importance to you. I guess that should have been fairly obvious, but it was weird to see Chris Dodd as the candidate I was most aligned with, in one of the issue rankings I tried.

I clearly am avec Les Democrats - what a surprise. Of the Republicans, I am nearest to Ron Paul on the issues. Not such a big surprise; he has a few whack ideas, but his position on Iraq and foreign policy is fine by me. Tom Tancredo, you and I will never see eye to eye. Your loss, I'm sure.

The current top 3 Dems in the polls swung around in my list. And the bottom feeders weren't all that far away from my views either, generally speaking. Yep, this year's candidate crop is a good one, nearly top to bottom. I wasn't even that out of step with Gravel.

The standard deviation between me and any Dem was usually no more than 5%. In other words, I seem to agree with most all the Democrats positions roughly 75% of the time, plus/minus 5%. Hillary was lurking on the low end, Kucinich on the upper end. Obama kept ahead of Edwards and Clinton on each test. Hmm.

I wish they'd also put up Al Gore and Mayor Bloomberg, just for controversy sake.


Blogger Dennis said...

Coming to this way late but ...

I ended up with Mike Gravel as the top choice, followed by Kucinich and Richardson.

In another poll, conducted by the Washington Post, Hillary was my first choice followed by Edwards and then Richardson. For some reason they aren't including Kucinich in their calculations.

Of course in the last election all of these polls pointed to the Reverend Al as my candidate ...

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