Monday, March 26, 2007

Seems I'm not the only one who thought Katie Couric's 60 Minutes 'interview' (more like an interrogation) of the Edwards last night was callous and biased. Check out the comments on the shows' website.

If you didn't watch, she repeatedly pushed Edwards to defend his decision to stay in the race, given Elizabeth's cancer diagnosis. Vid here. The Edwards did a great job responding though, imho.

Partisanship aside, it's disturbing (fascinating?) to watch as the mainstream media slides evermore deeply into sensationalism. Or, did we just witness some bizarre guilt projection by Couric? Her husband was diagnosed with cancer in '97... and she continued to work.

It also points to the ridiculous expectations we place on our nation's leaders. Instead of questioning candidates on specific public policy, track record and agenda, we focus on who the person 'is.' As if by getting to know their gut & their heart, we know their abilities. Did you ever get a job, based on an interview that was all touchy-feely and no specifics? I thought not. Besides, the past 6 years should be indication enough that leadership based on gut-thinking is incompetence incarnate.


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