Friday, December 15, 2006

Meanwhile, I was still thinking…

  • I’m sure someone else has also realized Amy Sedaris is the new Erma Bombeck. I should google it.

  • “The Dumbing Down of America” is one of those phrases that got adopted into the zeitgeist without having to prove itself. Well, this blog may be the verification needed – but I’m not ‘America.’ It’s also one of those phrases which is usually uttered by someone who thinks it doesn’t apply to them. When I hear that some schools are now accepting instant messaging abbreviations and vernacular in compositions, um, uh, yeah, I dunno…maybe there is something to the idea. But I also think all societies have been dumbing down ever since the Renaissance. Before then, all societies were dumbing down from the Grecian Classical Period. So that’s the dumbing down cycle time – every millennia or so, we get our smarts back. Relax.

  • A benefit to a longish life is listening to talented musicians as they mature and develop. Time can impart elegance and complexity, not unlike a fine wine well cellared (well duh – dumbed down enough yet, deano)? Two that currently fit the bill: Cat Stevens & Bill Kirchen. Cat is recording again and Bill’s live performance is Telecaster-driven heaven.

  • Speaking of music, The Wailing Jennies are making some luverly music these days.

  • Look at this very pretty gold American Buffalo nickel.
    Gilded nostalgia? Shiny object? Art? Currency? And was calling it an Indian Head nickel really not PC?


Blogger Vernam said...

Kirchen used to play all around Arlington when I lived there. Even hosted an open mic. He plays all over one of my fave disks, The Impossible Bird. Did you catch him at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass with EC? One night I saw him w/ guest Johnny Hiland (, which was some serious Telecasting.

6:37 PM  
Blogger deano said...

Have you heard him do Hot Rod Lincoln live? He does amazing imitations of like 20 guitarists styles.

You now also have two Kirchen xmas tunes: one on an earlier comp and one on this years'. Right after the holidays, he starts touring in support of a new release. Check eet out.

I like IB, although I haven't heard it for a while. It's definitely one of Deb's faves and she seems to always have it stashed in her car or something.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Vernam said...

Yeah, he did the impersonations thing when I saw him solo once. What was cool was that he used no special effects -- got all the different sounds with his hands. Kind of like Chris Spedding's "Guitar Jamboree," but cooler.

We were digging the disk in the car today. Your xmas CDs always remind me of driving from TN to IL when our kids were little. Mike and I were listening today to "Stick 'em Up Santa," and he asked where the disk is w/ Shaman's Bane. 8^) El-vez' "Donde Esta Santa Claus" is another perennial. You should do a greatest hits sometime!

The Dave Kitchen track was a neat surprise, too. As were the old 78s -- have you gone all retro?!

12:55 PM  
Blogger deano said...

As were the old 78s -- have you gone all retro?!

It's my 'Modern Times' edit. ;->

But vinyl is seriously back in my life. Blame the Seeburg jukebox.

You should do a greatest hits sometime

I was thinking of finally writing up notes for all the comps. Where the tracks came from and why I like(d) them.

For example, the Butterbeans & Susie song is an obvious answer to the Reverend. However, the song clinched a spot because the accompanying pianist is none other than my main man - Eddie Heywood!

4:16 PM  

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