Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yes... his name really is Charlie Brown.

Throughout this campaign, it's been extremely rare to speak with folks about Charlie without a comment - usually an humorous one - being offered up about his name.

Charlie has, obviously, heard it all before. I once asked him if he prefers Charles, or Charlie. I was kind of trying to bring up the issue, without, um... actually bringing up the issue. Without batting an eye he said, "Hey, who doesn't love Charlie Brown?? In my dating days, I admit to playing it (the name) up myself, with the girls."

Oh yeah, Charlie was an icebreaker...a good wing man.

Anyway, the name has finally become a 'campaign issue.' And it's thanks to a RNC goof! Seems their campaign flyers they're littering the district with are violating the Charles Schultz family's copyrights. There's at least one Schultz family member living in the district. Way to go Doolittle!

Charlie is getting some good face time out of the Doolittle snafu. Check out this local news video spot (it's on the right side of the page. You'll have to sit through an advertisement...sorry 'bout that).


Blogger Cipherdom said...

Sorry to hear about your man, but I hope you got to party and enjoy the national victory anyway. My favorite moment was Santorum's concession speech, with his creepy kids bawling like it was the end of the world. Rummy's firing was like the cherry on top. Now the hard part . . .

8:11 PM  

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