Thursday, October 19, 2006


(later that evening.........)

Oh well. Blame the rain.

Anyway, St Louis - Detroit seems like a decent enough matchup. Tigers, in 6.


Blogger Cipherdom said...

Wow, you really _are_ complacent about the election outcome. 8^) Or maybe your last post was nearly a week ago because you're busy out there slamming the door on GOP hegemony.

I spent a weekend recently with friends from Tennessee, which has me watching the Ford/Corker race even more avidly. I'm not optimistic, to be honest. But if Ford wins, that will say one hell of a lot about how badly the Republicans have cratered in at least that one part of the south.

My feeling all along has been that southerners send a disproportionate number of their kids to fight in wars, so the frustration there has got to be awfully high.

1:47 PM  
Blogger deano said...

Just up here, doing my bit for Charlie Brown. It's tight!

Regarding southerners disproportionately enlisting...
are you talking historically, or since NINEELEVEN? In either case, frankly, we should prove that feeling first.

I'll leave the historical bit to you, but the number of military recruits per 1000 youth for fiscal year 2005 for each state are here.

TX & CA rank 1 and 2 in total recruits. Big populations, so that’s to be expected.

In terms of percentage (specifically kids 15 to 24 – they sure go after them early, don’t they?), the South isn’t "standing up" as much as you think they are. Only 3 southern states in the top 10 (I don’t consider TX and OK southern). The top 10:

1 Montana, 2 Texas, 3 Oklahoma, 4 Alabama, 5 Wyoming, 6 Maine, 7 Alaska, 8 Oregon, 9 South Carolina, 10 Virginia.

I guess we could add up all the figures to get regional numbers, but that’s way too much effort for blog commenting.

6:56 AM  

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