Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Battle of the Campaign Ads - CA Congressional District 4 edition

A. Here is Doo-little's latest smear ad. The gaul of this guy. Suggesting Charlie Brown doesn't 'stand with the troops' is beyond the pale. Charlie's father, Charlie, and Charlie's son have all served! Charlie's wife Jan served! Charlie's son is on his way back to Iraq right now, for his FOURTH tour. That's right, his FOURTH tour! Oh boy, this ad has re-charged me something fierce. I'm ready for the final push now, boy howdy. You're going down, Doo-doo-little. And enjoy your luxury accomodations at Club Fed - you'll be there soon.

B. And below is Charlie's response. Go Charlie!
( I sincerely doubt Doolittle was with the swingin' surfside set...but the point of the ad still stands..)


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