Sunday, August 06, 2006

Midsummery Summary

Got bocce?

Yes! Made this pretty much all by myself. 9 cu.yds. of road gravel + 9 cu.yds. of decomposed granite = .... a lot of shoveling & raking. The court is 72' x12' - big enough for all styles of bocce play (rolling, lofting, etc). There is some final tweaking and purtying up to be done (like cutting flush those ugly 4x4 post tops), but she's all about rolling boules now. Let the games begin...

* Here's a brand new, bouncy little ditty, by Rickey Lee Jones and some ex-Squirrel Nut Zipper guys, brought to you by Howie Klein: Have You Had Enough?

The Coup &/or Gnarls Barkley - such great stuff.

* I've been also playing lots of super old RnB. The jukebox sort of demands it. Then, throw in some Merle Haggard, Toots Maytall and Kris Kristofferson... and that's pretty much what our summer sounds like.

* I heard a RnR tune from 1960, on Brian Lee's show on KVMR yesterday - "Hamburger." I think it was by a Boston singer named Jay Randell; something like that. Prime! A song about a guy ordering the fixings for a hamburger, with the girls going all doo-woppy behind him. That's it. I could so see the scene: slim greaser, leaning up against the outdoor formica countertop, down at the burger stand in the park. He's schooling the fry-cook, preaching the details of how to do it right. Yeah man, slice that onion thick. His duck-tail is sticky and gleaming, in the hot bright sun. He wears the then requisite uniform of non-conformity, done with non-chalance, but to perfection: T-shirt with pack of Camels rolled up in the right short-sleeve, black jeans and fence-climbers. A pair of sweet little sixteens, pony-tailed heart-breakers, standing off to the shady side.
Poppin' their bubble-gum, loud. They're thinking about a ride. Thinking about swapping hickies. Wouldn't mind a bite off that burger, either! Yeah, if only I could find me the 7" of that one...(hint, hint: any help out there?)...I might just be permanently transported back to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Charlie Brown live blogged at Firedoglake Friday. Open the comments and pick out the entries made by "Charlie Brown" or "Jan" (his wife) - some great answers & observations. You're a good man, CB!


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