Thursday, August 24, 2006

Digging through some musical strata...

Current Era:
Barsuk Records just keeps bringing the beauty sounds. What Made Milwaukee Famous, Starlight Mints & Jim Noir – I deeg them all. Listen here.

Middle ages:
I still can’t decide which Pavement release is more fantastic: “Slanted & Enchanted” or “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.” It’s taking me years to come up with my answer. Check back around 2010.

Ancient history:
A KVMR dj (missed his name/show) played a whole bunch of Lou Christie tracks the other day. Lou frickin’ Christie! You remember his hit “Lighting Strikes.” What an amazing voice. Heard a song called “Guitars and Bongos” which should have been a monster hit. He has a 40 year anniversary CD collection out now – good luck trying to find it. You can order it from his website, but you’ll have to print out the page and, gasp, mail it in. I think I’d rather try to find some old singles instead.


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