Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Want to Help Charlie Brown today?

It will only take a minute...promise...

Democracy for America and VA Gov. Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC are each hosting online contests, where we can vote to determine which candidates receive their national endorsements and financial support.

Doesn't that almost sound like democracy in action? Or, better yet - American Idol? No smokey backroom deals. No envelopes pressed into sweaty palms in the backs of taxis. Just vote online for who we think should be getting the big money.

Today is the final day to vote in Round One of Forward Together's PAC.

DfA's first round closes on Friday, June 16. Charlie's currently ranked #7 - only the top 5 will advance to the next round.

The top candidates will then advance to the next round in determining who gets cash and endorsements. The websites above explain all the parlimentary procedural details.

Thanks for your help and please do pass this on!


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