Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's CA Primary day. Such a BIG disappointment the democratic primary race for govenor de-evolved into mudslinging and negative ad campaigns. And naturally the first to start was the guy (Westly) who made such a big deal about signing the Clean Campaign Pact. The race for Lt. Govenor went negative as well. The Party, Unified. The very same party that came up with the lamest of slogans: "Together, We Can Do Better!" I can't wait for November.

Blegh, these people can be so annoying. How about we dance instead?

PS: Although Di Fi is sure to win her senate seat again, a vote for NO WAR is a vote for Colleen Fernald.


Anonymous James said...

For whatever it's worth--values may vary--I actually have talked Suzanne out of voting this time, not b/c I don't like voting (quality time by oneself with the curtain drawn) but b/c, the way the schedule worked this year, it's more desirable to go down to Santana Row to see the guitarist Barry Finnerty (I am turning in my ballot sometime today). Why don't you join us there? Turn-out is supposed to be low, she'll vote for whomever you Dems nominate to run against Arnold--you know, once in a lifetime one can skip the process. Dean, why don't YOU run for something? I'll be your press guy.

4:20 PM  
Blogger deano said...

Yikes, what did I ever do to you J, that would cause you to make such a sadistic suggestion? Run for office?...le shudder...le totally creeped out feeling...;~>

I'll vote. The propositions are enough, as is the chance to register the anti-DiFi vote on her hawkish nature.

4:21 PM  

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