Friday, June 02, 2006

Hey, David Byrne is a Sunn0))) fan.

Now that I've read this, it makes sense. But I wouldn't have guessed it in a million years - there's such a large space between their two musical efforts. I must have been remembering he once said 'stop making sense.'

I really like this bit of his description of their performance:

"Heavy is putting it mildly. It could easily tip over into camp or parody, but it never does. Like standing next to a jet engine, it’s no joke."

I also like Sunn0))) s' moniker. They started out primarily as an Earth tribute band, the sludge kings. Note then, the name: Sunn0))). Get it?

Another reason to like Sunn0))) (and Boris and Earth): They once all got together to record a single track, 11 minutes long, one chord, an E to be exact, with each band handling one of the notes in the chord. Sunn 0))) deftly tackle the G, as if it were a blackened, dying sunn. Earth spews forth the B, with as much vitriol as they can muster. And of course Boris offer up a soul crushing E to complete what is quite possibly the heaviest chord ever recorded. EVER! This description is taken from the Aquarius Records review of same.

Gimme an apocalyptically heavy E...


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