Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Person to person from Flying Feathers' Farm

So I’m on the phone with a Fair Play neighbor. A ramblin’ call, with a certified point buried in there somewhere. We touch on it periodically, but only to punctuate the free-associative flow of an early evening country conversation. Lulled into the BS, we’re trading schtick – meant to amuse, mostly. I play the rube to his hickory. Then…a big commotion comes through the receiver. All of a sudden his chickens are LOUD. The phone gets dropped. I listen to dead air for a few seconds. He comes back cussing out that damn bobcat.

Feathers, but no chicken spirits, flew the coup. This time.


Anonymous VC said...

Any pix of the feline tormentor?

I can't let the Gore thing go. See by Howie Fineman. By gaining weight, is Al trying to look Clintonesque?

4:33 PM  
Blogger deano said...

This guy's a lumberman (calling him a tree surgeon sounds unnecessarily prissy). If he thought about picking up anything before he ran outside, I'll bet it was an axe.

Gore is Brian Wilson's lost twin!

(Check out the new Kristofferson CD)

4:34 PM  
Anonymous VC said...

>(Check out the new Kristofferson CD)

Is Al on it? 8^P

On satellite radio, I keep hearing a duet of Neil Diamond and Brian Wilson. It's not bad, really.


4:35 PM  

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