Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The WSJ recently
noted: First there was Clinton-Gore. Could Clinton vs. Gore be next?

But the far more interesting question is: Could Gore-Clinton be next?

If her ambition would allow it, I'm all for an '08 Al/Hillary ticket. Although Gore may or may not be running, we all know he is.

Hillary has recently made a series of stupid and/or pandering to the right-of-middle statements: Kids think 'work is a four-letter word;' Dubya is 'good company;' Murdoch is 'her constituent.' Ok, that last one is technically true, but what is she doing taking money from such a guy? It makes me worry, when she talks The Crazy like that.

Although I'm disturbed by the trend towards a ruling class elite in this country (ie: Bush1,Clinton1,Clinton1,Bush2,Bush2,Clinton2,Clinton2,Bush3...), I feel we owe the world a period without surprises. Elect a known commodity and someone who won't freak out the world any worse than it already is about us. Elect someone they know they can intelligently deal with. Gore.

A Gore-Clinton ticket will probably be preceived overseas as a Gore-Clinton-Clinton administration. An even better hat-trick. Of course, there is Tipper... has she gotten over her hissy-fits about naughty lyrics by now?

A problem: in 2016, Hillary will be 69. Assuming Gore is a two-termer, she might never get her shot. Will personal ambition trump true patriotism? Let's not speculate, yet.


Anonymous VC said...

Oops, I clearly put that 2008 speculation in the wrong thread.

History will remember Gore as the 21st century's first tragic figure. The tragedy is more ours than his, though. When succeeding generations look back warmly (and I do mean WARMLY) on the days prior to environmental apocalypse, the failure to elect Gore will seem to have been the world's last, best chance. Instead, he got ridiculed for recognizing the danger that's now undeniable. The only comfort is that, had he taken office, Gore would've been impeached in early 2002 for obvious reasons.

I hope Dems ask themselves why Murdoch is contributing to Hillary's war chest, and it ain't to keep her in the Senate.

4:28 PM  
Blogger deano said...

Arianna is reading our thread.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous VC said...

If my blog had such sycophantic readers as Ariana's, I'd never have given it up!

Gore really could be dangerous because he's got nothing to lose. He was always so over-coached before. I may have told you this, but if so, it was a long time ago. I was in a small group (six people) luncheon with Gore when he was a senator, and the guy is NOTHING like his public persona. He's brought some of the negativity upon himself, for sure, but I'm hoping he can relax and show his funny, engaging side. Huffington is right-on about Hillary, who's trying to sit on her lead.

4:32 PM  

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