Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Endless Summer – a soundtrack as we globally warm.

Yeah, it’s already getting that lazy hazy crazy summer feel, isn’t (ain’t) it? My favorite time of year for to be hearing la musica. I become unapologetically drawn to rootsy, acoustic, folky, border, easy-rocking-riffage-on-the-porch tunes. I grow me some supple leather harmony ears, in the setting summer sun.

If you do too, highly recommended be (most are newish):

Kris Kristofferson’s ‘This Old Road’ Like a wizened, clean and crafty, mountain bobcat stretched out and purring on your couch. You - and your chickens - are OK with that.

Dave Alvin’s ‘West of the West” Covering songs with some sort of CA songwriter connection. His version of Surfer Girl is dripping in Mermen-esque reverb, backed by a 50’s doo wop vocal. Come to California, amigos. This isn’t officially released yet, but you know how to get them early too. More liner props to Eddie Gordotesky; he gets around.

Ben Taylor’s ‘Another Run Around The Sun.’ The Family Taylor influence is undeniable; but he must have also nicked Carly’s copy of Rubber Soul.

Lee Rocker ‘Racin’ the Devil’ Play this one as you crank up the Chevy out on Rte 666. It should come in 8-track format. Wail, as you burn what’s left of the carbon-based fuels on a last chance power drive.

A nice compliment to Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions (which I like too) is this neat little live gem (from ’81) I recently found: Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger – ‘Precious Friend.’

Derek Trucks Band ‘Songlines’. If Mahavishnu grew up in Muscle Shoals. Just when it starts to sound too jam-bandy, or too technical (comes with the progeny label), he pulls out THE certifiable blues and slides it all back home.

Rogue Wave ‘Descended Like Vultures.’ This came out last year, but it has an ’06 summer-shine. Besides, their California song has the lyric - “so, screw california.” I think they toured with Spoon this year – what a perfect bill.

Josh Rouse ‘Subtitulo.’ This guy must listen to Harry Nilsson and Ron Sexsmith. His lyrics aren’t up to par with either, but melodically, they’re all in the same convertible. Be forewarned: this is dangerously saccharine-lite listening. You may need to cleanse your pallet with a little ‘The Sons of Emperor Norton present The Putrid Minds Anthology: Battle Hymns for the Blue States.


Anonymous cali said...

Love Dave Alvin. See him play live every chance I get. Thanks for the heads up on this new album. I always loved that Kate Wolfe song, "Here in California."

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Jim said...

Quite liking the Derek Trucks CD as well. Some serious grooves there. I liked the last couple of Rouse efforts. Yet to hear this one.

I just picked up the latest Drive-By Truckers, which I quite enjoy. The South has risen again!

"I've been fallin' so long
It's like gravity's gone
And I'm just floatin' "

4:36 PM  

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