Tuesday, April 25, 2006


* Glenn Greenwald's "How Would A Patriot Act?" has gone from #50,925 to #2 in Amazon.com sales in one day. What happened? A: The political blogosphere put the word out.

* Solid-earth tides. Just like oceans, land also reacts to the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. If you are like me, you are now saying 'oh sure, of course, that's obvious...we just don't notice it because the movement is small, not measurable.' And you (as was I) would be wrong - in some places, the solid-earth bobs up to 1 foot. The tide-tables measure the difference between the ocean and land tides.

* I'm getting hooked on Freecycle.org.

* Rebuilding a glass-furnace is a real bitch. And some who attempt it take lots of pictures of the process. Why do I care? A: I'm taking glass-blowing lessons.

* The sun WILL SHINE tomorrow. And that is not trivial news. Give us back our warmth and light oh great golden orb; the golden state needs you.


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