Thursday, March 16, 2006

To censure or not to censure...

...that is the debate Senator Feingold has foisted upon the Democratic Party leadership. And boy, if you’re not reading the political blogosphere on the subject, you are missing out. I can’t find anything remotely as compelling on the subject, coming from the mainstream media.

I feel like I’m reading something akin to a post-modern Poor Richard’s Almanac, fresh off the press. There is a depth of passion, intelligent analysis and yes…good old fashioned principled reasoning. Maybe the top-flight politically progressive blogs need a new collective moniker: PRA-2? PRA Part Deux? THEAlmanac? THEA?

Rants are fine, partisan rhetoric has its place, but these super-poli-bloggers are doing us a real service with their succinct dissections of all sides to the argument. Objective reasoning leads to informed, meaningful conclusions, plain and simple. They are true patriots, leading through intellect. I sure wish politicians would try that trick again.

Digby’s “Bad Instincts” post is a case in point. And definitely follow the imbedded links to read both sides of the censure debate. I’m telling ya, Glenn Greenwald is amazing.

My votes for immediate induction into PRA-2:

Unclaimed Territory
Digby's Hullabaloo

I'm leaving some obviously popular blogs off (see my sidebar), mainly because I never not read the above six on any breaking political story. I only sometimes visit the others.

UPDATE 3.20: Glenn Greenwald is going to be published! "How Would A Partiot Act?"
(And I fixed the links)


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