Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Recovering from Spring Break

No, not mine; obviously. I'm over a quarter century removed from those halcyon times. Actually, back in my college days, I never really went away on anything like a spring break. I was always working (cue the pity symphony). Besides, as I remember it, going away for a massive bacchanalian binge wasn't necessary - you did that pretty much year round.

I did my undergrad time at SUNY Stony Brook. In the 70's the student body had quite a reputation for excessive ingestion of mind-expanding substances. Drinking certainly was part of the deal, but the pharmacological options were far wider than they seem to be today. Specific dorms were known for specific highs. No, it's not something to nostalgically pine for.

Anyway, this weekend we put my niece and a pal of hers on a plane back to Boston, after they visited us during their spring break. I always enjoy experiencing San Francisco and the surrounding area vicariously through visitors. It's reafirming. We do live in a nice part of the world. And the company was super great - 21 year olds do rule. Hope you had as good a time as we did, J & J. How many aunts and uncles have such good nieces that they get to share spring break with theirs?

Curiously, somehow my alumni association knew I was vulnerable right now to a donation solicitation! So I just gave to the Stony Brook fund for tuition assistance. They're tapping alumni now, because the State only funds to 80% of the need. I heart the government's funding priority stack.

One more collegiate comment: recently, a classmate of mine from Stony Brook contacted me. He found me via this blog - of all things. If you're still out there Ken, hail to The Bridge To Nowhere! (I understand it actually goes somewhere now and they've replaced all that center-quad concrete, with a lawn. Progress.)


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