Monday, February 06, 2006

Two Probably Very Obvious Observations

1. Posting a ‘Wanted’ ad on Craig’s List is THE way to shop for anything unusual. Right now, I’m jonesing for a jukebox that plays 45s. I’ve been wasting my time with the yellow pages, the freebie trader papers, on eBay, and going around to antique & junk shops. All to no avail. Then, I put an ad up and pow – paydirt and then some. I heart the Craig’s List.

blame it on the nite jukes - pretty, no?

2. You know how as you get older, you get all crotchety and stubborn about ‘real’ music? As in, the only really good music came about when you were in your early teens? Well, I bet we start to think that way because of…endorphins. When you hear an old song you haven’t heard in ages, it must fire some long unused synaptic circuits. Triggering those neglected neurons probably produces some sort of chemical reward in your brain. Those songs sound sooo good only because you and your brain are Pavlovian in musical appreciation.

This week's All Over Coffee also concerns that snug and cozy old-song-bliss.


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