Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's Election Day, Charlie Brown

This evening I attended a Coalition for Change sponsored meet & greet for Charles Brown. Charlie is a Fighting Dem (amazing that there are 56 nationwide now), trying to unseat chickenhawk & Abramoff crony, John Doolittle, in the 4th CA district. Not only is Charlie a retired AF Lt. Col., his son is currently serving his THIRD tour of duty in Iraq. And I liked that Charlie flew rescue helicopters – not bombers.

He shared this: Doolittle was part of a recent House Republican fact-finding junket to Iraq. As Doolittle deplaned, the flight officer announced ‘Charles Brown and his son hope you enjoyed the flight.’

Brown’s son was their pilot, in country.

That's a plot twist Charles Schultz might appreciate.

I mean, if the son's nickname isn't Snoopy, Red Baron, Flying Ace, um...oh, nevermind...

Although CA 4th is a seriously red district, the Doolittle scandal is growing legs. Charlie is genuine, with progressive & practical stands on the issues. His needs right now are funding and endorsements...i'm just sayin'...

His website again: Brown4Congress


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