Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Rant, Radio.

I made a new year's resolution not to post too many more political rants here.
Actually, it was not to post any rants.

But you see, I know I tend to get carried away - overdo things - during the holidays. So in the more so(m)ber light of January end, let's agree to go with not too many more rants.

Besides, rants are so boring, when a hyperlink click away you'll find evidence of true investigative reporting, significant political analysis. There's real meat and potatoes journalism going on out there, in la bah-log-o-spherie, dearie.

One such you must check out: Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory. Glenn is breaking news - significant news - regarding the unfolding illegal eavesdropping scandal. A good place to start is with his Tuesday post "The Administration's new FISA defense is factually false." The established media is just now picking up on the story - and Greenwald is getting justified credit for the due diligence.

I'm telling you folks, read it now; for tomorrow it will be written, less well, in the history books.

Glenn Greenwald may turn out to be the guy we remember most fondly,
when we reminisce about the darkest days....

...the days just before Bush was impeached, tried on crimminal charges, convicted and sent down the big muddy to serve time at the still soggy Parchman Farm.

(rant not just did I!)


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