Thursday, January 12, 2006

Misc Thursday

Jimmy is going to be
signing his book at Codys SF tomorrow, Friday.

Wayfaring is definitely an interesting tool. Now, if only I could think of something interesting to map.

Jetman! Close-up of his rig (via badbullets).

Last week's big storms made for BIG WAVES. This pic was taken at Montara State Beach (via coastsider).

The big storms also made for huge river run-offs, up in the foothills. It was a first, for me, to hear the sound of massive boulders being tossed around in the water. The deep, resonant, BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMs produced sounded like something a Middle Earth troll would get all misty-eyed hearing. Next time the opportunity presents itself, I am so going to have my DAT recorder handy (it's always, next time. tease, or psych, I know I suck. But really, it's an awesome sound).


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