Friday, December 02, 2005

NYT's 10 Best Books of '05

Hmmm, I've read 3 of their top 10 - I must be losing my edge.

I'm pleased to see Murakami getting such high praise and visibility. Kafka may not be my favorite (that, for now, remains Windup Bird Chronicle), but it's geniunely original and the imagery is classic Murakami in full, untethered, flight. I've wondered here before if the translation might not be up to par with earlier efforts. Sadly, I'll never know - I'm resigned to live the unilingual life.

Joan Didion... what can I say? She of the pure, egoless, confidence. In her writing, I find true grace - a quietly powerful elegance. Her strength surely must come from a very deep well of life-learned wisdom. Her latest book affirms the life-lessons part, for sure. If ever I had the opportunity to meet her, I know I'd be dumbstruck. Gobsmacked and mute, I'd grin goofily, voiceless, exactly like the idiot I am. So, I hope I never meet her!


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