Friday, December 16, 2005

Come and get your love

(12/20 Update: These tracks are now available online, as mp3s; mucho thanks to PatRadio!)
(12/22 Update:
QA notice - I misspelled a band's name. It's Marah, not Morah. I also misspelled Mele Kalikimaka. Any other goofs, gaffes, or garbles I missed? Comments welcome, pro and con! Hoppy Holidaze, Holmes & HoHoHos.)

I've finished this year's holiday music compilation. It's our 10th anniversary edition - is there no end to the abuse I put friends and family through?

If you'd like a copy, even if I've sent you one in years previous, send me an email (my addy is under the coconut heads pic, to the right) with your regular mailing address. One day I will actually save them from year to year. But until that golden era arrives, do me a solid and lend me a hand.

Here are the tracks:

This one's dedicated to the memory of Mike Wolf. He never met a music comp he didn't like.
We'll be toasting his memory often, this holiday season.


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