Tuesday, November 08, 2005

That was a short intermission...

...mind if I reuse that pic sometime?

Just a few music bits to share, some with political content (can't escape it):

* Breaking news: Vampires kill 23 in Brazil! Deforestation is blamed, holmes. Scared? You could buy "Impeach The Precedent." You’ll be supporting the Rainforest Action Network, while listening to some sweet Black CNN. You will also learn the average American is able to recognize fewer than 10 local native plants but can identify more than 1000 corporate logos. Such a deal. Like they say: ‘give it up for the earth.’

* A reason to come visit us, up in the sierra foothills: KVMR - ‘Music of the World, Voice of the Community.’ Radio-radio is alive in the foothills.

* Quango has relaunched as ‘the lifestyle music company.’ But let’s not hold this against them. My chill room wouldn’t sound as good w/o them. Making the global groove safe and pure, smooth and clean, for everyone.

* Speaking of the global riddim, it took me a while, but I'm now down with both M.I.A. & Gogol Bordello. Both have that revolution NOW! party sound. Clash & Shane McGowan fans will especially relate to the gypsy punk polkas of GB.

* Ozzy’s 'Under Cover' makes me unapologetically happy. The song selection feels perfect – like they really meant something to him, back in those olden days. Great versions, great songs, great memories. Great record.

* Everclear opening for The Stones. Oh yeah yeah, A.A. so deserves this.

* Hey, hey: Ray Davies is releasing some new music. An EP, 'Thanksgiving Day' (with all proceeds benefiting music education programs in New Orleans!) comes out just in time for... Thanksgiving. Then, come February, Davies will release his first-ever solo album: "Other People's Lives."

* Lastly, more special election phone-banking for me today. Please vote mein Californians – so I don’t have to phone-bank all day. It is kind of a drag.


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