Sunday, November 27, 2005

In family news, Deb lost an aunt on Thanksgiving Eve. She was going to visit California next week, for the first time. No links, but we love you, Rita. She lived a good life.

Thanksgiving was somewhat a subdued one, given the news. Even before, for me, the holiday has become one of those slightly confusing 'celebrations.' Most reasonable folks realize the traditional Thanksgiving pilgrim & 'indian' eat together story is, at best, a simplification of history. At worst, it's propaganda and disinformation.

Charles C. Mann, author of "1491," has an interesting take on the events of the day in this month's Smithsonian. A short .pdf is here. Is it just me, or does Tisquantum (aka, Squanto; aka The Wrath of God) read to you like an early rev Ahmad Chalabi?

Better late than never: November is American Indian Heritage Month.
A few links: National Congress of American Indians
Native American Online
Your Heros Are Not My Heros


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