Monday, October 31, 2005

The Scary Internets

Create and download your own instant cheapie creepy halloween mask.

I must have missed the ad: a subservient chicken mask, from BK?

Scare whitey: the Michael Jordan mask.

Scare a brutha: Eminem white rapper mask.

One scary clown (this sellers' store is verrrry scary).

My personal nightmare: the aloha gorilla.

In the 'not even close' department: this mask doesn't look like him at all.

Santana?? Really, um, scary, i guess...

Not sexy, not totally irresistable.

This item surely started out as something mundane; but with a little marketing...

The costume everyone will inevitably wear to your traditional Halloween Health Presentation (so... don't have a tradtional HHP).

My costume.

Photos from the Life Size Halloween Moustrap Show and finally, the BBC's collection of best halloween photographs.


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