Thursday, September 08, 2005

Q: The Nice Price?

We're holding a garage sale with some of our neighbors this weekend. All proceeds going to the Red Cross, as per GivingSpiral. It's a bit of a challenge coming up with enough stuff to make it interesting. Monthly, we usually donate our unused stuff to the Cerebal Palsy Foundation - we're having to dig hard for the gold.

However, one glaringly obvious resource I have rarely tapped into is the...gasp... CD and record collection. It's time.

Trimming it back is way overdue - it exceeded the unmanageable level a long time ago. I have loads of CDs up in the attic, the garage, we haven't heard in years. Ah, so many tunes, so little time.

I started going through them last night, just trying to make sure I wasn't letting go of something I'd regret later. Big mistake! After wasting a few hours, the 'keep pile' was larger than the sell batch. Definitely the wrong direction. So, I finally bit the bullet and decided to just put out the boxes - unculled. Just let 'em go, holmes. Detach!

OK, problem solved. But now I'm wondering how to price them?

It would be easy to just say a buck (more? less?) per disc. But I know there's some total crap in there. There's also some truly rare and crazy stuff too. Maybe I should assume it will all average out? What's the going rate for used CDs at garage sales? Bueller?

After all, it's for charity...maybe I'll say 'minimum donation: a buck.' Then we'll see if any buyer comes along and goes "Oh man, I can't believe you're letting this Godz vinyl go for only a buck! Here's, like, a buck fifty."

Last question: used paperbacks and used hardcovers - combien?


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