Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Just a few thoughts, after seeing Part I of "No Direction Home."

* '61 to '66 seems so long ago now. Still, nothing much has changed; except time, has it?

* I gotta agree - there is no direction home. The journey is all there is. Dylan has said far more than his share of profound truisms. An impressive guy.

* I regret (apologize?) for all the years I leaned on his words, when I should have sought my own.

* "New Morning" and "Self Portrait" are still a comfort; my personal shelters from the storm. Dylan also had his Dakota Days. I wonder if he'll eventually talk about those times too. There are more volumes to his chronicle.

* Someone on NPR recently compared McCartney's Fidelity Investments ad to Dylan's Victoria's Secret commercial. Frankly, I don't believe either is the sell-out-that-trips-off-the-apocalypse. But... endorsing sexy underwear is funnier. Assuming they aren't being made in some Saipan sweat-shop. I hope someone checked.

* A favorite Dylan tag line, which I humbly suggest as the title for Parts III & IV: "Nothing Is Revealed." It is koan-y and everything.

UPDATE, after seeing Part II:

* The myth of Pete Seeger trying to cut the power cord with an axe at Newport - finally debunked! I liked how Scorsese interviews direct participants (including Seeger himself, who almost admits to something that never happened) as well as assorted pundits and others who 'believe' they are in the know. It did a fine job of showing how rumors and innuendo, given enough time and notoriety, can morph into pseudo-reality. In other words - watch those parking meters.


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