Friday, September 16, 2005

It would be laughable, if it wasn't so pathetic

The NYT says Karl Rove is in charge of the reconstruction effort. (look for it, about half-way into the article).

Bush just says no to an independent, bipartisan investigative committee [petulant-foot-stomp .wav here]. Now, he puts Turd Blossum 'in charge.'

Once again he shows us his core motivator isn't a call to serve: it's about image. He must be desperately worrying about his historical legacy now,
trying to control and spin his way into history.

Which, as we say up top, would be laughable, if it wasn't so pathetic. How can he not realize his story is already written - and it is -
The Worst President Ever? He's famous for his stubbornness; no doubt, he'll go down kicking and fighting. But if he doesn't realize he's blown his opportunity for political greatness, repeatedly, he's far more stupid than even I expected.

For a man of his ego, this is a fitting punishment. Still, I would rather see him impeached &/or indicted. But that's me being a closure freak. I think I can eventually settle for the history books calling him the WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

George the First, in that loving Bush family way, is no doubt relieved to realize that history will consider his term only the second-worst Bush presidency.


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