Friday, September 30, 2005

Going up to country

It's official - we've closed on our weekend retreat. 5 acres up in Fair Play, CA.

Fair Play is grape & gold country. "We've" also got apples & irises, arabians & alpacas. But its best attributes are the clearest night skies & a peaceful silence that is almost startling to the sub/urban dweller. A hardware store and a bistro are all you'll find in downtown Fair Play (& the hardware store keeps irregular hours).
The closest real town is Placerville - a 20 minute drive. The area is kind of a final eastern-slope outpost, before the sugar pines take over and you're immersed in the High Sierra. El Dorado National Forest and the Desolation Wilderness are to the east. Kirkwood and Lake Tahoe are w/i an hours drive. There are lots of tiny alpine lakes; at last, we will finally put the kayaks to better use. We're at 2500 ft elevation, so we're below the heavy snow belt, but get to experience seasons (gasp) again!

I have a list of projects, but they're really only to enhance the country comfort lifestylee. The place itself is in great shape and ready for visitors to help us unwind. That is, unless you want to wait until we get the pool in, or the firepit designed, or the vineyard established, or the bocce court put in, or maybe... a gold sluice...


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