Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina and the Waves

If you're Walking On Sunshine, or drinking that fine Red Wine and Whiskey in the crescent city today, Stop Trying to Prove (How Much of a Man You Is). The Sun Won't Shine Without You. You should be out of there: maybe Going Down to Liverpool, or Mexico. Do You Want Crying? By staying in harms way, are you playing the "Cry For Me/ Tears For Me game?" Is That It? Is that why you were seen Riding Shotgun, with Machine Gun Smith and Mr. Star, down Sun Street, after the mandatory evac was announced? Jeeze man, don't be playing. The only game you should be playing is the Game Of Love, with Lovely Lindsey. Why just the other day she told me she'd Love That Boy. Look, if you want, come out here and Sleep On My Pillow.

(as of 6:00am PDT, it sounds bad. hang safe, down there...)

(check out the webcams

When we first moved to Clear Lake City, TX (Johnson Space Center) in 1980, we did the mentally challenged thing of deciding to ride out Hurricane Allen, another force 5 storm. Luckily for us, it took a major westerly jag and hit the Mexican coastline, south of Brownsville, TX. That was in the days of the Houston boom, so there were a lot of fellow Yankees (read: ignernt of proper big storm prep) in our apartment complex. Our place was right in front of one of the pools. The lull before the storm went on forever. Eventually we went out to the pool... with a cooler. After a bit, neighbors joined us. It didn't take long for the hurricane party to spontaneously form up around us. Exactly not what you should do. Making it even more insane, I had a bottle of mezcal, con worm. The particularly brainless there (me included) began to do mezcal shots, thereby rendering us hopelessly incapable of protecting ourselves, if necessary. Lucky stars - Allen spared us. But like other life-lessons learned the hard way, I still shudder at my utter stupidity. It's not unlike the shudder I get when I remember climbing down onto a shelf, an outcropping, about 20 feet down and inside an active volcanic vent. This stunt occured at La Soufriere, Basse Terre, Guadeloupe. Crumbly, unstable land, noxious fumes making me dizzy, a deeeeeeep hole with who knows what at the bottom behind my back; yeah kids, I was unbright often. Hope I've outgrown it.


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