Thursday, August 18, 2005

"It speaks well for the flavor of the city."

This feud is too funny. I suggest the wedding party celebrate the nuptuals with a snowball fight, instead of throwing rice.

Nothing like a yuppie generational culture-clash, to highlight the flavor of the city, eh? OK, maybe the Hindu monks have a valid gripe and are being unusually inconvenienced: no one should be subjected to a VIP vodka garden, full of MTV corporate faux X-gamers, set up in front of your monastery. But what to think of a monk who seems more preoccupied with meditating on his property's - and not his inner - view?

For non-locals, the Olympic birthday boy's hometown of Tiburon is arguably even more toney than Pacific Heights. And the Balboa Cafe, where this obviously vodka infused scheme was originally hatched, has been the zenith (or, is it the nadir?) in yuppie intoxicative activity for, well, generations. Just relax and have fun, everyone. The bride is registered and needs snowboard wax!

8.24.05 update: the bride wins - hizzoner postpones snow playday.


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