Friday, July 08, 2005


As the latest lesson in the truism violence begets more violence sinks in, in all its horror, I want to hope that someone in power, on either side (yes, the anonymous terrorists also hold real power in our violent world), wakes up. See this madness for what it is: a stubborn, misguided, ever-escalating, reactionary waste of precious innocent lives, without a final win-game scenario.

The bigger person, in any fight, is the one who extends the olive branch of understanding and sincerely tries to address the root causes of the fight. Bush is the figure-head of the bigger side. Mr. President, for the sake of innocent lives everywhere, including in Iraq, stop your war. If you really want to make us all feel safer, put this planet on a more peaceful footing. Stop giving terrorist leaders an easy excuse to brainwash misguided idealists into killing themselves and others. Drop the cowboy-politick and offer the Iraqi people - and the world - a solution that does not play into the hands of the other side.

Mr. President, you and your right-wing spin machine are adept at selling. You can justify anything to your base of support. You know you could convince them a bold, new, peaceful initiative is the only move the terrorists couldn't use to justify their existence. The rest of us won't need any convincing; we'll gladly accept the course correction and even give you the credit.

If you really want to see those poll numbers recover, while actually doing something that will guarantee you a favorable legacy in the history books, take a lesson from another leader of the right and tear down this wall.

I hope some day you will join us; and the world will live as one.

(Or, maybe the dream really is over. We all die anyway. What a waste. What a joke. Peace and comfort to all who suffer, in these dark days.)

update: Someone, anonymously, just wrote me an email (wow, I feel so bloggy) asking if I had any specific suggestions for how Bush could start the process. I don't know if they actually wanted an answer or not, but I think Joe Biden's got some fairly practical suggestions. He recently elaborated on the need to also build in some measuring metrics.


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