Wednesday, June 15, 2005

incidentals, parenthetically

emily is a lovely lady

(Why am I always late for the train?) little britian is a wicked pissah!
(But you knew that already.)

(Why am I always stating the obvious?) Listening to Randi Rhodes gets me really amped up and going. Then, I am too strident, even for myself. She is doing a good job. (I hope.)

(Perhaps the false tsunami warning had something to do with this:) My across-the-street neighbor had a crawfish boil party about 3 months ago. It's a little unseemly to boil living creatures and them eat them while drinking too much beer, but... it happens. Anyway, today, crossing the street towards my house was - a crawfish! Missing a claw, but still alive and crawling. (You go, critter.)

(...I spotted the little guy, while sniffing the last of the seasons' daffodils...)


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