Monday, May 23, 2005

It's A Deal

By definition, a compromise should make neither side sloppy happy. It appears the deal to avert the nuclear option fits that template quite nicely.

After reading far too many repug and demo blogs tonight, it's clear both sides are bitchy. But the Dems - slightly less so. In fact, there's a significant population of Dem bloggers who feel this was a win. An even larger percentage of right wingnuts seem truly pissed off; at least according to my extensive and strictly scientific assessment of the entire political blogosphere.

Of course the win (or loss, if you're a wingnut; which you're not) has mainly to do with party politics. It has very little connection to what's right, er, proper. The happy Dems feel Frist and Bush have been smacked down hard today.

And that's The Win. OK; I'm down with that, as far as it goes.

I just hope the deal has some eye-teeth to it and a minority voice is once again protected from being jack-booted by a simple majority vote... and... I also hope the Democratic Senate still keeps a watchful eye out against more lousy Bush judicial candidate nominees. Let's make sure they are kept off the bench: don't be hesitating to use that renewed filibuster bluster, folks. The deal is just todays' win.

(Yeah, I also have no idea why I used the above image. Googling 'deal' for a picture came up with other, better, choices. Using this pic is a compromise, I guess)


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