Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Kopy Koi?

The guy I buy my koi from told me about a new, bizarre, development. Apparently someone in China is tattooing UPF (ugly pond fish; ie, carp that don't have the distinctive koi color patterns). Counterfeit koi. They're tattooing little diamonds onto each scale, or something. It boggles. I can't find any online info about it, we'll have to wait and see if this turns into the next copy watch industry.

The Yakuza have their koi tattoos; maybe eventually koi will have yakuza tattoos. Afterall, diamonds are one of the traditional local gang symbols:

More accurately, the Yakuza used to get irezumi, full body tattoos. But as with all things traditional, the practice isn't as prevelant as it once was. You'll probably see more full body art in SOMA, or DUMBO. Here's a guy with an amazingly beautiful koi tat:

He has an interesting web site too.

I bought a very nice Shiro Utsuri yesterday,

replacing a smaller green (non-traditional, but gorgeous) fish which, sad to say, had become another heron breakfast. Offshore storms seem to drive the coastal herons inland to feed. Either that, or those crafty birds think they have the advantage on rainy days (actually, I guess they do). But look out birds - perhaps one day my pacifist population of koi will be infiltrated by Yamaguchi-gumi carp. Yakuza used to be defenders of the community, from marauding Ronin, rouge samurai. That long beak of yours might be considered a shogun battle sword. You've been forewarned - beware the wrath of warrior counterfeit koi!


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