Saturday, March 26, 2005

How perfectly goddamn delightful

The Guardian UK spends an entire week, catching up with The Crumbs.

I originally wasn't going to lift a quote. Keep this entry nice and short. Neat. But resolve collapses, when confronted with the endearingly cantankerous Crumbian nature and his loving antagonist. So, just one excerpt, ok?

Robert: Sometimes I look around at a party and I go, "Look at those jerks over there, actually having fun." That's incredible. They're so fucking well adjusted that they're enjoying this situation with the loud music and too many people. To me, there are so many existential factors that are so deeply disturbing about that scene that I couldn't possibly imagine how people have fun at something like that. Aline, did you have fun at that party last night?

Aline [Robert's wife]: I had a great time.


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