Wednesday, February 02, 2005


The race for the next DNC Chairman just got a lot clearer. Nice timing - steal some thunder away from the State of the Duchy speech. Barring some unforeseenity (heh, might need to consult the urban dictionary again), it looks like we get Howard Dean.

I'm down with that. He’s wasting no time showing the party his operative skillz. Do you think he received crucial endorsements from state party chairs, in part because he promised $11M in national Dem money to pay salaries at the state party level? Follow the money. But along with the paychecks comes national influence at the state level. A pretty decent first step towards tightening up the org. The RNC has been centralized for decades. It’s time the Dems reorganized into a real national machine.

I like how the Rethugs are focusing on The Scream. Dean must make them nervous.

In local slipping acres political news, I got an invite to meet Kerry and Terrresa next week. I might go.


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