Monday, February 07, 2005

Read, read, that rhymes with lead

The NYTimes says Bush has read and is and recommending to friend’s, “Tom Wolfe's racy new beer- and sex-soaked novel, ‘I Am Charlotte Simmons.’"

As with all events and utterances Bushian, these two also beg the question: Why? Is it to relive his wild frat drunk days? To get a better parental insight into what his daughters are up to? He enjoys Wolfe's style of prose? Or, is it because Wolfe is one of the very few literati who admit to voting for him?

Yep, me too: I'm sure it's reason #4. #1 is too human, #2 is too caring, #3...yeah, sure, right.

Later on in the article, there is a Bushian utterance on the value in reading histories. I love it. Especially the first three words. He never knew… but now, he does:

"It turns out that the president better have seen the day that has gone in order to be able to help lead to the day that is coming," Mr. Bush told Mr. Lamb, paraphrasing the Texas writer and painter Tom Lea. "In other words, history really matters for the president."


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