Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's a Blue Coast Christmas Party!!

It's our 9th year making these holiday compilations. If you only have 7, don't worry - two of those years were the dotcom days, when we only put the songs online. I've recycled a couple of the best tracks from those years, so you're not missing much.

I didn't include liner notes- guess this entry will have to suffice. If you'd like a cd, just write me at dmartucc at pacbell dot net, with your mailing address. For those who prefer mp3s, click on
this file folder link and download.

1. The Billy Nayer Show - Must Be Santa
The strange and wonderful Corey McAbee & Bobby Lurie are BNS. They moved to NYC from SF a couple of years ago, in search of indie movie fame and fortune. Sing-along to these rather different lyrics and get your party started, righteously.

2. Uni & Dr. Trucker - X-Mas Time (I'm so excited)
Young enough to remember being stoked to the max, seeing all those presents on xmas morning? No? This DIY holiday record will remind you. All I know about U&DT is you can write them at xmasisthebest at yahoo dot com. One of the guys who works at Amoeba Records forced this into my hands, saying 'dude, you must hear this.'

3. Powder - The Chipmunk Song
A solid power pop performance, from this LA band. This track is from A&M's 'A Very Special Christmas", 2002.

4. Shaman's Bane - Frosty
Metal magic! Frraaaw-stie...

5. un grand garcon
I'm imagining the Shaman's Bane guy's nanny, giving the little mister a holiday bath. Or, maybe he's using the christmas potty, like a big boy.

6. The Sisterhood - Christmas Treat, Peppermint
From the Song Poems Bar-None release of last year.

7. cindy crawford & her peppermint stick
Drilling home the sexual innuendo of track 6.

8. Chris Isaak - Gotta Be Good
Chris chastizes all the 'bad' little girls and boys, who suck on peppermint sticks. Off his new holiday cd, which I think is most worthy.

9. The Brunettes - Tonight Mrs. Claus Sleeps Alone
From Christmas On The Rocks, an '01 holiday compilation of New Zealand bands. I could have picked multiple songs off this comp. See track 11.

10. The Moonglows - Hey Santa Claus
An oldie, just because it sounded good right after the Brunettes.

11. Five Car Pileup - Beatnik's Wish
Another Kiwi offering; home of the beat generation? Go daddyo.

12. The Wimp - Boxing Day
Since the singer in FCP wants a man for xmas, we give her the wimp. Smoke em if you got em.

13. Love Spirals Downward - Welcome Christmas
This is off a great goth holiday comp. Winter solstice, forest fairies, cold still northern nights. It all doesn't have to be about baby jesus.

14. Hapa - Love
An all-time favorite Lennon song, here's a simple instumental version, from this Hawaiian outfit.

15. a word from the man in black
Edited, for political message content.

16. Joan Baez - Christmas In Washington
Come back Woody Guthrie, come back to us now. The populist movement will take over the Democratic Party, if there is any justice this year.

17. it's gonna be a brighter day
We hope.

18. Bragg & Wilco - Christ For President
Words by Guthrie, a ditty we can relate to, for the season of the carpenter.

19. Bob Rivers - O Come All Ye Grateful Dead-heads
I usually try to avoid the obvious & intentional comedy stuff, but I liked the line 'oh come get us some floor seats.'

20. Vital Gesture Xmas All-stars - Christmastime Again
The Bell Rays and LA labelmates bringing rockabilly seasonal cheer.

21. Teenage Fanclub - Christmas Eve
Scottish pop band that came close to being pretty great. A very clean song... and sentiment, eh?

22. Blue Hawaiians - Blue Christmas
Blue cubed: states, hawaiians, christmas.

23. Petty Booka - Christmas Island
J-pop stars, being dangerously cutesy. But the ukulele demanded acknowledgment.

24. Rita Calypso - Christmas Is The Day
Some ultra-sheen, shibuya-kei, holiday-stylee for you. From a compilation including french popsters.

25. Home Cookin' - Rudy The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Cranking it up, for the big finale. Straight sans chaser funky, bluesy, rocking.

26. Uni & Dr. Trucker - Ultimate Santa
A final sayonara, from our new dream dynamic-manic duo.

27. in with the new year's outro
A little paste-em-up, 4 2 take us out.

That's it. Enjoy.


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