Thursday, December 02, 2004

Fav CDs of '04

First, I didn’t go nuts buying CDs this year. I didn’t even buy CDs I wanted, let alone music I would normally have lucked into, via impulse buying sprees. One of those years, I guess.

Maybe I feel old. Or, I could blame all the politics. I did fully immerse myself and that tended to white-noise-out other parts of my life. At least these following CDs got a lot of listens and have become good friends. You will find no genre-logic here; although I’d say the mix is skewed towards the comfy side (see earlier ‘old’ comment). They mostly provide a soundtrack for sitting outdoors. Sunsets and koi ponds optional, but recommended.

Antibalas – Who Is This America? (afrobeat)
Issa Bagayogo - Tassomakan (mali music)
Tony Bennett – The Art of Romance (the voice)
Bumblebeez 81 – printz (beats & garagey goofin')
David Byrne – Grown Backwards (fully grown)
Call & Response – Winds Take No Shape (warm & indie)
Ray Charles – Genius Loves Company (peace out brother ray)
Chromeo – She’s In Control (electro goofballo disco)
Devendra Bahnart – Rejoicing In The Hands (happy psych-folk)
Donovan – Beat Café (happy old-folk)
Gold Chains & Sue Cie – When The World Was Our Friend (abstract hip hop)
Gram Rabbit – Music To Start A Cult To (desert psych)
Yuka Honda – eucademix (casual atmospherics)
Mirah – C’mon Miracle (comfy songlets, with heart)
n.Lannon – Chemical Friends (laptop-folk)
George Naope – Among Hawaiian Souvenirs (Uncle George, Hawaiian god)
OOIOO – Kila Kila Kila (delicious-psych)
Pink Martini – Hang On Little Tomato (unapologetically background pu-pu party music)
Putamayo’s World Reggae - s/t (surprisingly excellent world-wide reggae comp)
Sam Roberts – We Were Born In A Flame (Canadian roots-rock)
Scissor Sisters – s/t (take your mama out tonite music)
Solex – The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock (fun, not cutesy)
Subtle - A New White (inteli trip hip hop)
Stereolab – Margarine Eclipse (if you like them, you like this, yper yper)
The Life On Earth – Your Karma Is Coming (jazzy space groove thing)
The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden – The Owl Of Fives (richly earthy surrealism)
The Streets – A Grand Don’t Come For Free (london docklands beats)
Usher – Confessions (huge hunky star, w/ a surprisingly listenable cd)
Ben Weaver – Stories Under Nails (tabacky-chewing singer/songwriter)
Bobby Wetherbee – Loves Composers (gaylicous piano lounge sing-along show tunes)


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