Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Why Kerry Lost

I can hear you through your computer saying, "Oh hey, just let it go!" But hey right back at ya. Seriously, I'm not still sitting here, whining and crying. It just me took a while to find this one particularly fine example of monday morning quarterbacking.

And I say that without the snarkiness - I think 3 of the 5 reasons
John Ellis' raises, in his Nov 4 post, for why Kerry lost are laser spot-on. He's from the Right, which explains why he didn't share his big ideas until it was too late. Andrew Sullivan linked to it first. But he, as a big-time political blogospherian, cannot get too gushy about Ellis' analysis. I however, unencumbered by any notoriety at all, can and will.

Ignore the "Culture" and "Lifestyle" arguments. They aren't that original and I think both issues were less than consequential to the Middle American decision process. Afterall, the American Dream is to be rich and famous. I think we could argue as many people would like to emulate that, as would resent it; given the candidate showed the proper populist humility. Which Kerry did. Also, Ellis' focus on porno and daughter's Cannes dresses frankly tells me a little too much about Mr. Ellis, and not much about Jayne & Dizzy Rascal Q. Public.

But read his 3 points: "Rationale," "Strategy" & "War" analysis. Whoah, now those are three solid body blows. 3 points, for a field goal. 3 points, from outside the paint; nothing but net. A hat trick. 3 homers. game set match. Why do so many sports scoring scenarios revolve around threes?


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