Friday, November 12, 2004

Some mp3s, to get thy weekend party started

This is for
Mike - see one of his blog posts today . The original version of Korega Watashino Ikiru Michi’ and a remix. The original is a classic J-pop rework of the best of Beatles ’65; the remix is better than most remixes, imho. It stands on its own legs.

Gram Rabbit
These are off a new release by this local SF band. They borrow a little from the Wall of Voodoo, Calexico and Siouxsie Sioux. Gram Parsons is there only within the peyote miasma. Almost every track on “Music To Start A Cult To” is “killer”. One (short) track is entirely backwards – so, like the kids say, 'hail satan. ' It was hard to pick just two songs off this, but here is “Dirty Horse” and “Cowboy-up.”

Gold Chains
Another Bay Area denizen who just keeps getting more confident and subsequently ever better. I love his earlier eps too. On this latest release, he has Sue Cie helping out with the vocals/rhymes. "Come To Cali " is a great trick. It never goes to the expected beat drops and breaks, yet all the familiar touch points are there. It’s like he’s a block ahead of you, turning the corner just late enough so that you only spot his heel. He doesn’t clue you in where he’s heading, but he doesn’t leave you in the dust either. "California Nites " is funky big, with lots of Princeian flourishes.


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