Monday, November 08, 2004

Only because it's Monday

1. Terry McAuliffe asks for our feedback on the election. It felt somewhat silly and pointless to respond, but I did.

2. The Blogging of the President 2004 has
some interesting election results maps. This proportional map makes me feel less lonely. This county results comparison proves beyond any doubt Kerry got the urban vote everywhere; Bush took everyone else. Moral: stay out of the corn fields.

3. Another way to look at it - compare IQ with the election outcome, by state. Snarky? Si.

4. Post election frankness. A top Marine comes clean:
Fallujah will be another Hue city. The military is now comparing Fallujah to one of the bloodiest phases of the Vietnam war - the Tet offensive. Normally, I’d expect that sort of salty language from the opposition. But the opposition is still missing; AWOL, on a depressed bender, since last Wed. Maybe it’s time to sober up, take a cold shower - because the blood bath is tepid, getting hotter.

5. I’ve said it here before, but once again for the record: the draft is going to be reinstated before the spring. I just know it. When chronic irony is required, there is no one better to quote than Charles Crumb: How perfectly goddamn delightful it all is, to be sure.
Vernams' favorite.

6. One more site to share: US out of SF. The insurgents of Baghad by the Bay have had enough. Thanks to the evil queen.


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