Thursday, November 04, 2004

The lead up to '06.

I've begun to sort out my personal political agenda, for the next two years:

* Do my bit to keep heavy pressure on Bush to fix Iraq.

Keep him completely mired in his mess and don't give him the opportunity to move on his domestic agenda. Given the current situation, public outcry can/will make a difference. Kerry will remain a strong voice in the Senate - he ain't going anywhere. If a draft begins to be discussed, all those security moms are sure going to feel lousy about their Bush vote. His base will weaken. If Osama whacks us one more time, there's no doubt nothing will get done, except WOT and Iraq (of course, that is a terrible scenario and one we certainly don't wish for).

* Answer the call when The Dems have a serious 'win back congress' strategy.

I'm totally convinced the grassroots Kerry people will be there to support. And we're seasoned now; we'll be twice as effective this time. I also expect The Dem machine has learned some practical lessons in mobilizing this larger - and still unsated - volunteer base.

But first, I think I'm going to rest, catch up with the other aspects of my life and enjoy Thanksgiving.


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