Friday, November 05, 2004

Etymologically speaking,

I wonder how yin-yang became universally accepted as a synonym for ass.

Was it because the symbol looks like a booty? A swirly ass crack, with Picasso flounder anus eyes?

Eh, it's probably just another Rowan & Martin Laugh-In double entendre, but I still tried Googling for an answer (which, sparing you the suspense, I didn't find). Which sent me to a Mandarin swear words page. And I am now stuck and can go no further:

Fang pi - To fart (lit. to let your ass go)
We need to assimilate the literal translation: "Who let their ass go in here?" "Look out. I have to let my ass go."

I like this one:
Wo cao ni ba bei zi zu zong - Fuck eight generations of your ancestors

If that's not harsh enough:
Cao ni zu zong shi ba dai - Fuck the 18 generations of your ancestors
18? Sheezus. You totally fucked up. He is some pissed.

I already knew this one:
Ni you piao liang de lv mao zi - Your wife is cheating on you (lit. you have a pretty green hat).
That green hat thing is not only an insult in China, but also in Korea. Note to Dubya: no green ten gallon cowboy hats, when in N. Korea. Don't go starting a nu-cu-lar exchange, just because of your dumb manly headgear. Damn, 4 more years. Fuck the 18 generations of his ancestors! Speaking of, did you know he's related to 2 ex-presidents? Google for the other one - hint: initials FP.

But this is a new one to me:
Nide muchin shr ega da wukwei - Your mother is a big turtle.
Oh Yeah? Well, yo mama....


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